FAQ english

There is no or very low sound

Check is analogue volume control (slider on right side of The Bullet is up). Check your output on your playing device.

There is no sound when I stream in Bluetooth from my device

Check status on Led lights on the back, and be sure The Bullet is in Bluetooth mode.

I cannot connect with another Bluetooth device

Press reset until your hear two beeps approx. 10 secs. Then try to connect again either thru NFC, or in Bluetooth settings on your device.

Line-in doesn’t work

Press mode bottom until led switch from blue to green.

There is difference in sound power and quality in Bluetooth mode, depending on device streaming from how come?

Different brands/manufactures is using different Bluetooth solutions, and these have variants in output volume and quality IRC products supports Bluetooth version 4.0 with APTX for optimum sound performance.

FAQ danish

Der er ingen – eller meget lav – lyd

Tjek den analoge volumenkontrol som sidder på siden af The Bullet og tjek output på den enhed som du streamer fra.

Der er ingen lyd, når jeg streamer via Bluetooth fra min enhed

Tjek status på LED-lys bag på The Bullet og kontrollér, at The Bullet er i Bluetooth mode.

Jeg kan ikke tilkoble en anden Bluetooth enhed

Tryk “reset” indtil du hører to bip (ca. 10 sekunder). Prøv så at tilkoble igen – enten via NFC, hvis din enhed har NFC, eller via Bluetooth. Bemærk! Hvis den senest tilkoblede enhed er i nærheden – og ej frakoblet – vil du altid skulle resette på The Bullet eller frakoble enheden i dens indstillinger.

Line-in virker ikke

Tryk “mode” knappen indtil LED-lyset skifter fra blå til grøn.

Der er forskel på lydstyrke og lydkvalitet i Bluetooth mode afhænig af hvilken enhed jeg streamer fra – hvorfor?

De forskellige producenter af enheder anvender forskellige Bluetooth-løsninger og disse har forskelle I udgangsstyrke og kvalitet. IRC-produkter understøtter Bluetooth version 4.0 med APTX for optimal lyd gengivelse.

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The Bullet BT

– wireless music streaming speaker in
revolutionary design…


Stream your favourite music through this powerful and elegant speaker. The Bullet connects to any device via Bluetooth and set up is made simple by NFC (Near Field Communication).

As an extra feature, the Bullet has analogue volumetric but is naturally managed 100% from your unit.

The design is groundbreaking with its light tapered shape fitted with stylish legs in anodized aluminum.

The Bullet is delivered in an elegant grey silk matt coating design.


  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • NFC (near field communication)
  • 20 Watt RMS*
  •  APTX
  • Line-in
  • Size: 220 x 220 x 206 mm.

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